How to be reviewed / interviewed

Regarding reviews:
Actually we receiving tons of stuff for review, and due to high amount of stuff and many work with zine and label/distro, we decided to put these rules:
first of all – we do not acept ANY digital stuff!!! We are paper(REAL) zine, so we accept same REAL promos.
– we accept ONLY original releases for reviews, i.e. if release is CD – send COMPLETE CD, if CD-R – send CD-R, if Vinyl – send Vinyl.
– do NOT make any holes, bends etc!
– if you do special PRO-MADE factory’s promoCD – then of course you can send it instead of regular release.
– if your music doesn’t fit our styles borders – we have the right to not write review.
– we do not send received stuff back.
All this it not coz of “we want so”, but just coz there are real reasons to do that. Also, promotion isn’t just like – “we doing music and if we sending stuff to you, you must be proud”; please understand – all these promos etc are FOR YOU, for YOUR promotion (yes, maybe when some zine is a small/young/unknown – then yes, that’s YOU support it, but when it comes to zines with thousands print-amount and wide distribution – then it’s for you). We spent alot of time to listen and to write reviews, so we have full rights to ask for real stuff, and not some cutted “promo”.
if you understand and accept these rules – please ask for snail-mail address.

Regarding interviews:
– please do not ask us if we are interested to do an interview with your band!!! because:
– when review is written, if we’ll like alot your music – we’ll request an interview with you.
– if we want to do an interview with your band – we’ll write you.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. lvcifyre
    Oct 09, 2012 @ 21:27:48

    hi, please send me your snail address so i can post lvcifyre -the calling depths promo for rev/inter


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